Premium Trigger Point Spiky Massage Balls - Xtra-Firm (RED) 9cm

Physix Gear Sport


  • PORTABLE & EASY- Reach Places Foam Rollers can't! Get the Best stress roller balls on Amazon! We cut no corners in designing durable long lasting premium massage balls for Trigger point, Acupressure, Plantar Fasciitis, hamstrings, quads, pectoral, biceps & triceps. Grab your Ball, Let it sink in, breathing deeply, roll on it in one direction, stay a few seconds YES Relief! Works all Body Types and Sizes, Large Small, standing, on a chair, or laying. Say Bye to cheap - Hello to Amazing Value!
  • PERFECT FOR ANYONE - From Youth to Senior, Long-distance running, ballet, Teachers, Field workers, Nursing, Athletes, children, runners, dance aerobics, no one is left out! Acupressure Ball stimulation - Revive Muscles, hand, Fascia, & soft Tissue - Effective at isolating problem areas in body. Increase flexibility - eliminate & prevent risky surgeries. Massage Therapy, myofascal release, trigger points, knots - Physical Therapists, Chiropractors & Pain Specialists review & recommend.
  • LIFE TIME GUARANTEE - Premium Rubber no Latex Lacrosse Balls. Relief and support you deserve. Combine Double, or Single Round, or Spiky - help an aching joints. Supports Full Body Weight or partial weight stress! Perfect for Hands, forearms, wrist, feet, Calves, shoulders, hamstrings, abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back, deltoids & neck, pilates exercises, yoga, crossfit, arch - results. Self stimulate muscles, circulation and relieve tension. Full NCAA regulation Lacrosse balls #1 Offer
  • FREE EBOOK GUIDE - Maximum Benefit with New Premium Ebook Packed with helpful tips, illustrations, and massage instructions. Rubber Grip Lacrosse balls won't slide easily on wood floor, wall, or your skin. Easy to clean and store. Therapeutic Spikey Balls help labour and prenatal with Feet Reflexology, spine and posture. Spike rows will release tight & uncomfortable muscles, increase blood circulation &remove toxins. Put in your bag whilst out or before Athletics Sport. Get Firm Stability
  • AMAZING BENEFITS - Loosen up tight muscles, back relief, boost mobility, and Self-myofascial release. Take to Gym & Roll your Shoulder pre workout. Combine 2 for Peanut muscle Knot remover effect. Training with a Trainer, Physio or Rehab, stretch. Spiky Ball Reflexology Techniques help heal, headaches, anxiety, digestion, & much more! Acupressure Massage Ball fast Therapy to those Spot Aches - Professional roller ball Tool -Top Rollers with Value! Get a discount and Amazing Sale buy Price Now!

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Physix Massage Balls

Remove your compressed nerves, knots, achy joints and stiff muscles fast.

Because Pain Relief Can't Wait

Stop spasms and cramps in their tracks. Roll lactic acid build-up and trigger points, normally impossible to reach with your bare hands.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Give your muscles what they need, On Demand, without waiting on the local masseuse.