Muscle Roller Stick by Physix Gear Sport with Free Ebook (RED)

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  • QUICK MUSCLE RELIEF - Fast upper and lower body cramping spots tool helps increase blood flow. Deep tissue Bar reaches further deeper than a Foam or Grid Rollers, helping treat Cramps, Hip, Turf Toe, remedy restless legs syndrome, self-myofascial release, therapeutic Fibromyalgia , Quads, Knee, Calves, Hamstrings Strain, Arms, wrist, and Shoulders. Perfect pre & post workout, or warming aching Yoga joints. Instant Circulation - Premium products in Red Green Black Yellow
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tough Steele Core equipment , Top Moulded Grip Handles & durable shatterproof design for Balance Strength & Comfort. They Won't Rumble but easily roll over clothes & skin. Get Quick access to reflexology, Runners soreness, Pressure Points, Knots, & fast Trigger Point release. Boost athletic Sklz with a new stick, calf tissues, back, sciatica, sore muscles, shin splints, thigh, plantar fasciitis, lactic acid build-up, tennis elbow. Don't settle for "Cheap" knockoffs
  • ENHANCE MOBILITY - firm no flex design for Soothing reliefs, without prescription pills. Trusted 80%+ five star seller feedback Customers LOVE Physix products. Apply to yourself after or before physical exercise - anti cramp results are guaranteed. Save money on expensive table leg treatments - instant pain assistance at home or job! Fit in Bag! 5 of 5 stars seller reviews - you're in good hands with a sturdy Massager devices. Athletes, Trainers, Therapist, Personal Chiropractors, recommend
  • FREE SELF-MASSAGE EBOOK - Beautifully illustrated color exercises for the novice or experienced athlete! Fully illustrated and comprehensive guide addressing common patients upper & lower body aches and pains. Bicyclist to a builder! Alleviate Severe or mild aches with the Best Roller on amazon. Releasing Knots Points + stimulate which increases recovery lessening tightness - Limited time Discount Buy Price so Act now on an amazing Flash Sale Deals. Surprise Bonus Coupon inside your Ebook
  • ENHANCED DESIGN - Best Massage Roller on Amazon, and no squeaky sounds! Myofascial Body Sticks offer Personal treatment for runner, swimmer, marathon, self-massage, which increases recovery. New tool helps circulation, running, hamstring rejuvenation, occupational therapy, foot, neck, back relaxer, shoulder, & traps. No Squeaking. Ultimate massagers & pain reliever tools! Colorful Options Make Great Gifts too!