Resistance Loop Bands (Set of 4- Red Black Green Yellow) 10x2in

Physix Gear Sport


  • FINALLY! A DURABLE LOOP BAND SET - (SET OF 4) - Exercises for men and women, Get Top Bands at a Great discount - difficult to break like other cheap makes. New Resistive Prosource Latex Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), stronger lifeline latex, light weight stronger than normal latex bands - any bodyfit exercise. Buy a product you can trust won't fail in the middle of that last set, training at home, gym, or work - Backed by the Physix Gear Sport no questions asked lifetime Warranty.
  • RESISTANCE TO CHEMICALS & WEATHERING - Sweat, Water, Gatorade, Coffee, No Worries! Wipe away without weathering and damages. New Lightweight Wraps Arm, Knee, thighs, Ankles - Aerobic Mini ankle bands Loops Beginner Mom or Advanced Sports. TPR Latex Technology, Stronger than normal IT Band Stretch - Resistance for muscle strengthening or Yoga. Light, Medium, and Heavy - color combos. Combines for 7 different Quick fit adjustable bodybuilding levels. Your personal fitness trainer will love it!
  • BEST QUALITY - resistance to low & high temperatures & Kinetic Body heat - gym or outdoors in colder environments, you won't be disappointed with our professional, strongest strength exercising resistance sets. Recyclable Material - Environmental friendly designed with Physix Gear Eco Guarantee Deals. Physical therapist review and recommend rehabilitation Resistance Tension Thera Bands Routines for Flexibility, Strength & Power. At this Price, makes awesome gifs too! Grab this Sale now.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Workout fatigue resistant material, eliminates repeat purchase of broken Resistance bands. Excellent addition to home gym fitness equipment, anchor band rehab, increase wellness, speed, assisted toning workouts! Tear & abrasion resistance - Eliminates the embarrassing breaks - product failure mid exercise! Beginners or Advanced simple supplement for leg conditioning, rotator cuff, ankle resistance bands, Jump, CrossFit, p90x, yoga, pilates, stretching, and toning.
  • ANY FITNESS LEVEL - (SET OF 4) Environmental friendly material - high velocity impact or low impact giving you the most exercise lifting flex resitor benefits. - go hard or take it easy, the choice is yours! What a Perfect addition routine for mobility, powerlifting, Home Gym & Physical Therapy. Physix Gear Sport Fitness thera band Loop stretch - more comfortable elastic for legs, glutes, shoulder, hips, & arms giving you the best Health. Build Peak Performance & boost Mens and Womens Health.

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Physix Resistance Loop Bands

Get amazing results fast, & with very little space! Customers agree, Physix Fitness Bands are surprisingly simple & effective.

Turn Boring Routines into Exciting

Physix Bands help you take your fitness training to the next level. Combining bands gives multiple levels of training resistance or pullup assistance, feel the isolated resistance that firm tightens and strengthens.

Balance Life On The Go!

Resistive Latex Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), stronger latex, light weight stronger bands - total body exercise. Buy a product you can trust won't fail whether training at home, gym, or work. Buy with confidence with the Physix Gear 100% Money Back Guarantee