Physix Power Bands (1 Band - Pink )

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DESIGNED FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - Whether you are just starting to workout or you are an elite athlete, Physix Bands will help you take your fitness training to the next level. Combining bands gives multiple levels of training resistance or pull-up assistance. With Endless Skill levels, Grab the thicker band, then add the thinner band to squeeze out a few additional reps. As your strength gradually increases, you can switch from double bands to the thicker bands. The skys your limit! 

TURN BORING INTO EXCITING - Build explosive strength by using Physix Bands in conjunction with barbells, dumbbells & machines to provide progressive resistance during traditional exercises (squats, bench press, etc). Build strength, tone & flexibility. Great for muscle building, body shaping & assisting with weight loss. With resistance training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation hence promoting muscle growth. 

BALANCE LIFE ON THE GO! Feel the ultimate satisfaction, as your versatile Physix Bands are perfect for dynamic workouts with or without weights. Physix Bands are designed for pull up training, and for adding resistances to bench press, squats and Olympic lifts. Feel the freedom with Physix Bands, Ideal for exercising while travelling! Never lose what you've built again! 

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - With hundreds of options available, you are making a very intelligent decision doing business with Physix Gear Sport. We know you're a big deal, and we'll only provide you with the finest product and service around, or your money back, no questions asked! Add your Physix Bands to your Cart, and experience the Physix Gear customer experience phenomenon! 

(PULL-UP BANDS) COMPACT & VERSATILE - New Physix 2 Toned Power Bands puts the Fit in Fitness! Designed with 2 Color Tone Latex, built for enhanced durability, Get a full body pump, stretch, jumping, and other do anywhere exercises including assisted weightlifting. Turn the volume up with assisted Pull-ups, Explosive Powerlifting, or CrossFit. Physix Bands are perfect for all fitness levels so don't hesitate to jump on the New Physix Band Phenomenon. New Year. New You.

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